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Christine Ward, that busy bee, has set-up Club meetings for the following dates at Grandma’s Table:

Thursday July 16th
Thursday Aug 13th
Thursday Sept 10th
Thursday, October 1st

The gathering on each date will start at 6:00 pm.

NOTE:  Because of previous (and continuing!) low turn-outs, we will NOT be able to occupy the "private room" that we have enjoyed in the past.  Instead, we will meet in an alcove in the main restaurant that can accommodate 12 people (the most that have attended in a while now). Use the main, front door, entrance when you arrive and turn Left at the cash register... 

ADDITIONAL NOTE:  Chris Ward will, at some future time, send out (or, hand off to Roger for sending) an email detailing meeting dates, times and locations for the 2016 flying season.

ONE MORE NOTE:  Stay tuned for our traditional Club Christmas Party, details (and clever .pdf flyer!) to be released within the next month or two...  

See you there!


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Visit the Illinois Aviation Museum at Bolingbrook

We are a Proud Member of the USUA

(Clow Approach, High, from the South)

Safe flying with friends is the best flying!  The "East Wing" of our Club is based out of Clow International Airport located in Bolingbrook, Illinois, about 35 miles SW of Chicago.  The "West Wing" of our Club is based out of Cushing Field near Newark, Illinois, some 30 miles West-Southwest of Clow.  Our infrequent meetings for both Wings during the Spring and Fall are presently being held at Grandma's Table in Montgomery, IL.  Meetings during "Prime Flying Season" are often held at the commodious hangar of Barry and Christine Ward.  See the "NOTAMS and NEWS" in the left column of this page for the location of the upcoming meeting. 

Visitors are always welcome!


Club Volunteers     

Facilitator: Roger Kellogg
(email contact:  rlkellogg "at" juno "dot" com)
Activities: Christine Ward
(email contact:   clw123456 "at" comcast "dot" net)
     and, on exceedingly rare occasion
Don Leonard
(email contact:   donleonard1 "at" comcast "dot" net)
WebMaster Brian Gilomen
(email contact:  gilomen "at" ais "dot" net)